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A FIDELITY CARD is the ideal tool to manage your customers' loyalty campaigns (points collection, gift cards, repeat purchases, etc.) in a simple and completely autonomous way.
Fidelity Card: the Prince Instrument for Customer Loyalisation

Fidelity Cards are the prince tool for customer loyalty.
We explain how to create, distribute, use and manage Fidelity Cards to give value to your customers and, consequently, to your business.
Choose the most suitable Card for your business.
Once the Card has been chosen, TRAVELPAYPOINT Fidelity Card Management Software, in addition to the classic Card loading/unloading process, allows you to take care of the customer relationship even outside the walls of the shop. By means of the software, it is possible to monitor the customer's 'situation', foresee their needs, and keep their attention focused on the company, using the most innovative communication tools.
Before choosing your Card, remember that it can now also be Virtual via APP and we can provide you with both.
An identification application can be added to the cards according to your needs. The most common is the MAGNETIC BAND where the amount of data to be written is very limited. Definitely more capacious is the MICROCHIP, either externally applied or internally NFC/MIFARE.
Cards can be customised thermographically with Photos, Master Data, Signature Panel, Codes, ect.
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Contact card with internal RFid
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Card with Barcode print
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Stylish and modern printing
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Board with external Chips
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Card with Magnetic Stripe
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Graphics with Face, Master Data, Signature Panel
Offset printed cards visibly represent the company. A business card that acquires value because it is made as if it were a Credit Card. They can be customised with photos and biographical data in thermographic printing, even in small quantities.
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Loyalty Cards are a tool for gaining a complete picture of one's customer base and their propensity to consume.
This information is of fundamental importance as it enables the development of targeted marketing strategies.
Collection of personal, email and mobile phone data allows customers to be reached quickly and individually
Increased turnover: loyal customers are led to buy more, even products they would otherwise have bought elsewhere
Increase in customers, thanks to discounts-premiums-bonuses
Increase and retention of customers with the offer of benefits
Visibility: the card is always at the customer's fingertips
Discounts and bonus programmes
We provide you with the Travelpaycard management software for an all-round cost-free customer loyalty campaign
Detailed analysis of what the customer buys
The shopping voucher is the ideal tool to keep the customer coming back to the shop. TRAVELPAYPOINT provides various variants, but is basically based on the creation of an electronic purse for the customer. For example, 10 per cent of the amount spent by the customer can be recharged, reusable as credit for future purchases. It is particularly suitable for car dealerships that provide a coupon service. In this day and age of the free market, getting the customer to come back once the two mandatory coupons have been performed is very difficult. With TRAVELPAYPOINT it is possible to accumulate a percentage credit with the first two coupons, which can be used from the third. In this way we create a continuous Credit that will encourage the customer to return.
Some examples:
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- 1st service € 280.00 - customer is credited € 28.00 (10%)

- Cost of 2nd service € 450.00 - Customer is credited € 45.00 (10%)

- At the 3rd coupon the customer spends € 300.00. He can use the previously accrued € 73.00 and pay € 227.00 and will be credited with an additional € 30.00 to use next time.

Clearly the % discount is decided by the company, as is the possibility of use after X times.

- Cost of the 1st LUNCH/DINNER € 100.00. The customer is credited € 10.00 (10%)

- Cost of 2nd LUNCH/DINNER € 150,00. Customer is credited € 15.00 (10%)

- At the 3rd LUNCH/DINNER the customer spends € 50.00 - He/she can use the previously accumulated € 25.00 and will be credited an additional € 5.00 to use next time.

Clearly the % discount is decided by the company, as is the possibility of using it after X times.

- Cost of the 1st SERVICE € 40.00. The customer is credited € 6.00 (15%)

- At the 2nd SERVICE the customer spends € 50.00. He can use the previously accrued € 6.00 and pay € 44.00 and will be credited with an additional € 7.50 to use next time.

Clearly the % discount is decided by the company, as is the possibility of use after X times
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Often used as gifts for friends or relatives, Prepaid Cards guarantee an extraordinary level of loyalty for customers who join the campaign. Thanks to the prepaid cards, each customer can make an initial contribution, which can then be recharged later or spent in the shop organising the campaign.The operation of the prepaid GIFT Cards is very simple: the customer pays a fee that will be recorded on his card. Every time they make an in-store expenditure on products, services or benefits, the corresponding cost will be deducted from the credit on the prepaid card.
A loyalty campaign using prepaid loyalty cards is very useful for acquiring new customers. An established customer can in any case join the campaign by reloading a card that he will give to friends or acquaintances, as an original alternative to the usual discounted birthday or Christmas present. In this way, the business can count on new customers who will be enticed to spend the credit on the prepaid card received as a gift.
Thanks to the TRAVELPAYPOINT application, you can also easily manage your loyalty campaigns using prepaid cards or GIFT Cards with just a few clicks.
The operation of loyalty cards with point collection is very simple and extremely intuitive: the customer makes purchases of products or services in the shop and receives an amount of points proportional to the expenditure incurred.
The TRAVELPAYPOINT web application allows the user a customised configuration, capable of adapting to any type of loyalty campaign through point collection. The system can, for example, be calibrated to assign a predefined amount of points for each euro spent by the customer and will add up the points accumulated on the card by the same customer during all his purchases.
TRAVELPAYPOINT provides two types of rewards: without contribution or with contribution. This means that the customer in possession of the loyalty card who has joined the points collection campaign can collect the prize due without paying anything (if he/she has fully reached the points threshold required to obtain the prize) or by paying a contribution (if he/she has not reached this threshold, which he/she can make up with a certain amount). Clearly, the thresholds and regulations will be decided by the company in full autonomy.
It should be noted that the Collection of Points is contemplated as a Prize Competition and requires Ministerial Authorisations
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Thanks to the TRAVELPAYPOINT web application for managing loyalty cards, the business can offer its customers the possibility of making subscriptions for a predefined number of services.
Whether it is a gym or a hairdressing salon, the customer will be able to pay in advance the sum corresponding to a certain amount of lessons (in the case of a gym, for example) or hairstyles (in the case of a hairdressing salon).
The advantage of a loyalty campaign through the use of fidelity cards for subscriptions is the certainty that the sum corresponding to the number of services will be collected in advance by the merchant and that the customer will be enticed to return to take full advantage of what he has paid in advance. He will thus become a 'historic' and certainly loyal customer.
Thanks to the TRAVELPAYPOINT web application, simply and intuitively monitoring customers' subscription cards will become child's play. All this while keeping track of the amount of services and/or benefits still to be provided in just a few clicks and with an intuitive interface that anyone can use.
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Fidelity Cards may also be used only as recognition of a customer who returns to the Store and is therefore rewarded with periodic discounts or advantages.
Upon reaching a certain number of products and/or services purchased (whether it is always the same or different but of the same type) the shopkeeper can secure a loyal customer by means of a reward that the customer knows immediately after joining the campaign.
TRAVELPAYPOINT by means of the loyalty card will help you recognise this type of customer by rewarding him/her with occasional discounts or by giving him/her an advantage on certain products.
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If you would like more information on the use of Fidelity Cards in your business, we provide you with a free, no-obligation consultant. All we ask is that you provide us with some data and a time when we can contact you, and we will take care of the rest.
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